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Zacks adult chat world

Pride is a deadly sin, Kelly; but Zack, so is greed.With two of the seven deadly sins being committed within the first three minutes of the episode we know that we're in for a rough, emotional ride.The next day at school in picture class: Belding shows off some pictures he took.Then has Kelly show her project entitled: "Pictures of My Guy." Her project looks like the actor who played Jeff Hunter's 8X10 glossy, but does make good use of natural light.I call this 'the smack heard 'round the world.' Zack slow danced with Kelly when he was dumped! Kimberly might be a hot piece, but she is definitely as annoying as Screech (okay, maybe slightly less annoying). He also tells Jeff not to 'f' Kelly over (I'm paraphrasing). This is the episode that will make Zack's earlier proclamation that Jeff is a jerk resonate through Pacific Palisades, CA like a midi triggered church bell with the reverb turned to maximum. Slater, Screech and Zack sneak out of Zack's house with fake I. They manage to get past the bouncer with their fakes.

Zack saunters in with Slater and is surprised that Jessie and Lisa are still friends with her. Screech shows up at Zack's house and tries to get Zack to go to Lisa's party. Zack tells her that he is also a student and is majoring in photojournalism. Danielle pays Zack his fee for changing her tire (a kiss! Zack asks the girls, "How come I've never seen you girls on campus before? Slater spends the night showing off pictures of Jessie to the young ladies.Zack picks 'A-12' on the jukebox, which is Kelly and Zack's song. He says that it stopped being their song when she dumped him for "that jerk." She is furious. When the lights come back on Zack is standing there.The gang begins to realize they have been unfair to snub Kelly. Zack doesn't even really know Jeff, and Kelly smacks him. Zack tells Kelly that he doesn't want to lose her as a friend.Gossler portrays his post-Kelly Zack with a great amount of delicacy. She calls upon Zack and Kelly to recite a love poem before the class. Simpson reminds him that this is a love poem and must be recited with passion. It makes Screech beg for them to stop and flee the classroom. Their attempt to cheer up Zack is thwarted by a scream escaping from the pouty lips of Kelly at some minor gunfire.Lisa tells the gang (minus Kelly) that there are only five (shopping) days left until her sweet 16 party. He trusts us, his audience, more than he trusts his own friends. Zack begins the poem again, this time making direct eye contact with Kelly as "How do I love thee, let me count the ways..." escapes from his lips. Back at Bayside: Zack meets up with the gang (sans Kelly and Slater) before class and tells Lisa that he can't come to her sweet 16 because he can't handle seeing Jeff and Kelly together.

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Jessie and Lisa find out that the boys have been to the Attic the night before.

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