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Who is bill clinton dating

Neither was weak-willed, but given their other qualities—his affability and charm, her assertiveness and strong-mindedness—she was more likely to go on the attack, and he was more likely to be on the defensive.

And more often than not, in a confrontation, she would be the victor and he would have to pay the price.

“Hillary would not take any of Bill’s soft stories, his southern boy stuff. ’” Nowhere were the differences, or complementarities, more evident than when the two served as co-counsel in the Prize Trial, held before the entire law school, with opposing sets of law students trying to win a case before a distinguished judge, in this in- stance the former Supreme Court justice Abe Fortas.

She would just puncture it, even while showing real affection. While Bill sought to win over the judge and jury with his charm—and brooded when their side lost a difficult procedural ruling—Hillary was all business.

“Before long,” he wrote, “I leaned over and put my head on her shoulder.Hillary was tough, direct, willing to fight and take the battle to the other side.“Clinton had the charm and sex appeal,” their friend Steve Cohen said, “whereas Hillary ...He lobbied his housemates to “make nice” to Hillary.If they could impress her, she might think better of him.

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