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Calming supplements, which do not require a prescription, typically include magnesium, vitamin B1, valerian root and other natural ingredients.Supplements have not been FDA-approved and any effect noted should be interpreted carefully.That said, in overdose selectivity is lost and patients can develop increased sedation, anticholinergic effects and hypotension.QT prolongation occurs secondary to potassium channel blockade.Most anti-anxiety medications, including clomipramine (Clomicalm) and fluoxetine (Prozac), work by altering the way serotonin is processed in the brain.Serotonin is a chemical that provides a feeling of comfort and happiness.Major tranquilizers are considered antipsychotics that, in humans, are used for major mental illness.Examples of major tranquilizers used in veterinary medicine include acepromazine (short-acting), fluphenazine (long-acting), and reserpine (long-acting).

A sedative is a drug that reduces excitement or irritability, therefore allowing the horse to become sleepy.Sedated horses are often unaware of their surroundings, but these drugs cannot prevent all reactions (kicking, biting) and may even increase the risk.Sedatives are commonly used to facilitate short veterinary procedures.In the horse, most of these drugs are used with varying degrees of success, have significant side effects or are used extra-label, meaning they were tested and approved for a condition other than anxiety or were designed for another species.Many horse owners turn to calming supplements to modify their horses’ behavior.

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Horses that have been given tranquilizers are typically aware of their surroundings, but they appear more relaxed.

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