Indian dating sites in canada

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Indian dating sites in canada

With greater numbers of young Indo-Canadians seeking higher education in colleges and professional institutes, it is only natural for the campus to emerge as fertile meeting ground for prospective partners.

Here individuals not only get to meet other members of their own community but also live and study with members of various other ethnic and racial groups.

Besides these, there are Indo-Canadian associations based on business, academic and professional interests which also do their bit in bringing people together.

This for one ensures a congregation of people with almost identical racial, religious and linguistic affiliations besides allowing a non-committal approach to any matrimonial negotiations.

With a population of 962665, Indo-Canadians make up around 3.1 percent of the entire Canadian population.

Almost half of these numbers comprise the Sikh community who were among the earliest migrants to Canada from the Indian subcontinent and in fact Punjabi is the fourth most common language spoken in the country today.

Even then the most definitive feature of the dating practice is a preference for partners within their own racial, religious and linguistic group.

This not only limits the possibility of opposition from families but also guarantees a degree of similarity in culture and background which is good for any relationship.

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The history of immigration from the Indian subcontinent to Canada goes back to the beginning of the twentieth century when men from Punjab decided to explore the New World in search of better economic opportunities.