Gemini dating capricorn

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Gemini dating capricorn

Famous Gemini-Capricorn Couples: Jean-Paul Sartre and Simone De Beauvoir, Paul Mc Cartney and Heather Mills, Richard Wagner and Cosima von Bulow, Johnny Depp and Kate Moss, Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis These two are likely to be interested in serious topics and will enjoy good conversations together based on a mutual respect of intellect.

Cappy always takes the big picture and sees the broad overview of the world, while flaky as Gemini seems, he is capable of doing that as well because of the scope of his interests. A Capricorn woman can take care of the practical side of life, allowing Gemi to do all those other things he’s so interested in.

I’d vote these two least likely to get into a passionate embrace.

Degree of Friendship: They can be very good friends because Capricorn will be so helpful to Gemini.

She will break it down into bite-sized pieces and put them in order for him so he knows what to do first.In fact, these two can fall into the roles of Peter Pan and Wendy quite nicely. For these reasons, their sex life is likely to be a strong bonding factor. When It’s Over: Well, as I said, nothing Gemini writes is in stone.Capricorn has a lot of patience, but one day it will wear thin.If his answers are as amusing or witting as they should be, you can act like you admire him.You’ll have to do a lot of listening with this man, so make sure from the onset that he is “of interest” to you.

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Save your goofing around until you know her better. If she gets a whiff of that foolishness you are history.