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Ypdating com

There was so much debris up there that fell out every time I pulled out another one. Not hard, but takes some patience to get them all in place, since there are wires on many of the ends of the grids that you have to work around.And the ceiling tiles are a little bit fragile, so you have to take care of the edges of them.I’m so glad I was able to change them out, they feel so fresh and clean now.

I took out the old ones and drew a template for the new ones from those.

But, it’s amazing the transformation of just changing out the saggy old ceiling that was there since probably 1979, when the house was built. Here’s the old, saggy ceiling tiles, which were very yellowed and just plain disgusting.

One of the last things Dad and I did before my move in date, was change out the ceiling tiles in the den. We still have to fix the ones where the light fixtures are attached and the ceiling vents, so there’s a little more to finish out before they are completely done.

My dad is a pro at giving directions, as you can imagine.

I took them down and he toted them out of the house and stacked them up. And pretty soon we had a bare ceiling with all the duct work showing.

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