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Get them to answer that and help a trove of people to get access to their accounts if you really want to help.

People are grasping for anything to get access to their account which includes using scams because they are desperate to get into their accounts and are getting "NO" customer support. How can a company as big as Yahoo NOT have a legitimate customer service center?

I have a new phone & I'm unable to Log on to my Flikr account without my Yahoo password. e VEN WITH CONTACTING YOU----HOW ARE YOU GOING TO CONTACT ME ????

I had the same problem the other day with my email. I tried calling what i thought was yahoo help line and a guy had made me connect to my computer.

Yahoo users says the Yahoo online section on their website does not help.. With "Yahoo says 500 million accounts stolen - Sep.

Some say does not address issues they have with their Yahoo email accounts... I ended calling AT&T myself and changing my password. because the online chat service was busy and so was the CS people. 22, 2016" announced in the news, a very small percentage of successful "Yahoo customer care" can easily pull in millions of $$$.

When I did it recently they responded within 24 hours.

Since I noticed that the sign in page shows it is not a secure site.I just talked to a number from India or Pakistan, they changed my password after my not being able to access my acct for 3 days , now they want to charge me, this is a scam , yahoo has no phone numbers Someone has created a Ya Yahoo account in my name and is using to sign up for bank accounts, as they have also stolen my identity.I have yet to get in contact with Yahoo to shut the email down. FTC should make Yahoo or all other companies to display the company's authentic contact info at the email login page and display alerts about all known scans.That means you should never pay to have your Yahoo password reset, for technical support, or help with security concerns. Their website is useless as you cannot directly contact their customer support as you have to go through their community section which gives you just people complaining about their non-existent customer support.Also, Yahoo won’t ask to remotely connect to your computer for any support-related request. I cannot reset my password because both email addresses are old and since their has been "unusual" activity to my account, imagine that with it being hacked, their is no other alternative to reset my password.

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Had Yahoo had such a message at the password change request page or login, most users would have enough knowledge to detect the scammers.

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