Who was the pink power ranger dating

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Who was the pink power ranger dating

When the rest of the rangers were in trouble, Cam went back in time and acquired the Green Samurai Powers from his mother.

He then became the sixith ranger the the Ninja Storm Team.

He used the Dragon Flute to summon his zord, Dragonzord, and had many weapons including the Dragon Dagger and Sheild.

He was a confident and kink addition to the team, who didn't mind leading when Jason, the Red Mighty Morphin' Power Ranger, wasn't there.

He had many weapons, most notably the Mega Battle Armour. He is a technological genious and keep the Zords and other equipment up to speed.

He eventually lost his powers and became a Ninja Master along with the other rangers. He is known for his talkative puns in battle and his understanding of others problems.

He controlled the Condor Galactazord and his personal weapon was the Transblaster.

His powers were eventually returned to their resting place when He put his Quasar Saber back in the stone it came from.eventually joined and became the Green Rescue Ranger.

Once they go there, they aquired the Quasar Sabers which gave them their powers.

Damon tended to be selfish a bit rude at first, but was a very kind guy once he got to know and love the other rangers.

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He was impulsive and cocky, but wanted what was best for others at heart.