Who is ray romano dating

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Who is ray romano dating

“But I do know Greg, so this is an important question for all three of you.” After getting mixed reactions to asking the trio to choose between the Yankees and Red Sox, Romano moved on to more pressing matters. ” Eventually, Dreyfus picked a winner for Romano’s son and the two headed off on a successful dinner date — in one of the CBS’ studios conference rooms.

“This one’s even more important, Julia stay out of this,” he said. ” After all three say they prefer Romano’s former sitcom to Dreyfus’, the actress feigned outrage over the choice.

After Ray Romano attempted to get his son Matt a date on Jimmy Kimmel Live this week, the actor, 59, decided to let Matt’s twin, Greg, in on the action as well.

While on the Late Late Show on Thursday, August 17, host James Corden decided to bring out Greg, 24, who is a staffer on the CBS program, and let Ray set his son up — with a little help from Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who was also making an appearance.

He also said his brother was not pleased with Ray Barone's TV brother.

Romano's family has made various appearances in the show.

Romano's wife Anna appeared as one of the moms in the background at Geoffrey and Michael's school in season 6's episode titled "The Angry Family." In February 2012, Romano revealed that his wife Anna had successfully battled stage one breast cancer in 2010.

His early comedy career started when he competed in the Johnnie Walker Comedy Search in 1989 directed by Saturday Night Live short film producer Neal Marshad and appeared on The Comedy Channel.

His career included many outlets, such as Comedy Central, where he had been a recurring guest voice on the show Dr. He also was a contestant on Star Search in the stand-up comedy category.

Romano told People magazine that "the reason we're going public is to share our experience, yeah, but to have an effect.

Our goal is to help people." Romano also remained close to Doris Roberts, who played his character's mother on Everyone Loves Raymond.

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