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This one could be used for all occasions and by most age groups, possibly even women. The composition is unlike anything out there, exceptionally unique and...dreamy. With life changes i totally forgot about it after about five years or so.

Hadn't smelled it in a couple years & the other day my brother bought a new bottle only to realize that it's a shell of it's former self. My sister didn't like it at all, but for me, it's an interesting combination of cool, creamy, herbal and sweet.

It opens a bit soapy and sharp like a lot of soapy scents do. There is no any single note that I can like in the fluid. I do generally enjoy powdery-sweet scents, but in this one there is some note (or accord) that smells very much like honey - and it's quite powerful.

However, about 20 minutes in the cardamom and sandalwood really come out. Not being familiar with tobacco blossom or galangal I have to wonder if it's one of these?

tak, maksud aku macam, sekarang saya boleh buat apa sahaja sesuka hati. tapi, seiingat nadia, nadia ada tanya dia berapa cos renovate untuk bilik air sahaja. anggaran kasar lebih kurang kedai dia dekat batu caves, sign board besar warna oren. satu yang atas tu bila kita mandia rasa macam mandi air hujan sebab air dia jatuh dari atas. ;) sorry kak entry panjang lebar macam karangan spm.

dan total tu contractor kita secara untuk sebuah rumah. nadia suka water heater ni sebab dia ada dua pancuran.

:) kak, ada yang nadia ingat nadia share dekat sini.

tapi sekarang, bila dah tinggal rumah sendiri, kau tau apa maksud balas dendam? yang penting rumah saya cantik dimata saya dan kami selesa tinggal bersama. dia cakap bergantung pada jenis bahan yang digunakan macam tile jenis apa, sink macam mana, toilet bowl brand apa. pancuran satu lagi tu xberapa best sebab dia datang dari arah depan.

A strong B, tedering on an A, but not quite there because of the rather dissapointing Notte flanker.This fragrance has longevity so it works well during the day and would work well in the office.BLV as I have stated is a warmer weather fragrance and works great in spring and summer.The base is warm and woody due to ginkgo, grey teak and tobacco flower. It has this fresh, airy fizziness that can be read as powderiness, but it ain't powder, its kind of, well, cloud bubbles would be the best way to describe it.Quite unique as a fragrance and well worth trying and even blind buying, as it is almost impossible not to like at least something in it.

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Attractive and seductive, this masculine Eau de Toilette was built on contrasts that blend together in a perfect harmony. Ginger, as a main note in both BLV pour Femme and BLV pour Homme, is harmonized with the velvety and silkier note of tobacco blossom.