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And why did you feel the need to post about someone whom clearly have no interest in discussing?

The pictures of him kissing Mike White had been online since at least 2007 but probably much earlier.

Nobody knows when they met, they most likely have been together since 2004, when Bomer left the old boyfriend and reappeared in Los Angeles with a new nose. Bomer had been on Guiding Light and Tru Calling by the time they got together, and had been up for the role of Superman.

If they met in 2004, why didn't they get married during that brief period in California before Proposition 8?

You can see them referenced in this Just Us Boys thread.

Bomer was "outed" by Perez Hilton the weekend after White Collar premiered, probably on Halls's orders, because they've been cosy every since.

Someone posted that he was wildly moving his arms up and down when he recently did the Tonight Show, and it read like someone who gets overstimulated.

So the fan theory is that one of the twins is Simon's and one is Matt's?

That's not easy to make happen y'know, biology doesn't just easily work that way.

R17's comment about Bomer having Asperger's, which is fucking ridiculous).

There is absolutely zero credible evidence of any major strife in their relationship, and certainly no domestic violence.3) Contrary to R12/R16's assertions, there is no proof whatsoever that ANY of the Halls-Bomer kids are bio kids (though it's *probably* true, it's never been confirmed as *definitely* true), and certainly no proof that Bomer fathered one or more of them, regardless of how "obvious" it seems to certain fixated posters.4) Their relationship isn't particularly "weird" even by normal standards, let alone Hollywood's.

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Probably the oddest part has been Bomer having to spend half the year in NYC filming "White Collar" (while the kids stayed home in L. with Simon and, presumably, a nanny or two), but that's over now.