We are busy updating the store

Posted by / 22-Dec-2019 12:03

He had an augmented i Phone in his hand and a communicator hooked to his pocket. Since we had an appointment, we were immediately ushered through the crowd of browsing shoppers to a cordoned-off line. Initially, it felt great to get what seemed like special treatment for appointment holders, but after about thirty minutes, it felt more like we were roped off animals waiting for the slaughter.At this point, we had no idea what sort of epic cluster-frak we were heading into. We began our purchasing experience discovering that this phase was as poorly designed as the store itself. Rather than being brought to a private area to give your credit card and confidential information, Apple reps are required to move you right into the middle of the store, right into the middle of the swarm of other shoppers and lookie-loos.Eventually, we made it to the front of the appointment-holder line and another gray T-shirted guy met us. We would become very close to Brian over the next many hours. Here, surrounded on every side by other shoppers, we were expected to provide all of our personal identifying information, while Brian tried ever-so-gently to fend off the insatiable demands of the loose-roaming shoppers.

Sadly, those customers did not experience the same level of patient gentleness from me that the actual reps somehow managed to convey.

Not only is it dangerous, it is very unpleasant and anxiety-producing.

If not the customers, the employees -- who have to endure that sound for days at a time -- deserve better working conditions. We were greeted by a friendly Apple Store employee wearing a gray T-shirt, some kind of pinkish-plaid shorts, and a top-knot (hair that's tied up into a bunch, shot up from the top of the head).

Let's discuss the major design element in the store: the display tables.

Imagine a 4 x 8 foot slab of plywood dropped on top of four 4 x 4 inch legs.

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But that was where any sense of operational design ended.