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When the user requests to a Servlet, it will dispose user's requirements, such insert, update and query the data, eventually forward to the JSP page to display the data.

Thus, each servlet has 0 or multiple corresponding JSP pages (Usually only need 1).

1.) Use the variables created from get Parameter calls when building up the SQL string. servlet receives the request and creates an object of new class and sends the parameters to this method,3. 2) There are only two question marks in the query, but the prepared statement sets three parameters. Do you really want to update every single row in the table with those values?

2.) Use the methods provided by Prepared Statement (better route). Originally posted by KALYAN ANAND: Hi Copy the code from the servlet into a new method in another new class, send all the parameters you fetch from request from the browser to this method, before that create an object of this new class in the servlet do Get or do Post whatever and then call this method with all the parameters. this method creates a conn, stmt or pstmt, resultset and does the database part what ever you return back from the databse for either select or insert or update iterate through result set if any and store it in an vector or so and return this vector,4. Originally posted by jumpa lahari: Ya i looked at the "?

But I want to connect through the Html to oracle through servlet and output in Jsp and I am using all this in eclipse and the server is tomcat.

Thanks [ January 21, 2008: Message edited by: jumpa lahari ] Hi Ben, Yes i am connecting through the servlet and getting connected to the database and getting the data but i want to connect the Html form input to the servlet to the oracle database.

User Account; public class DBUtils In JDBCFilter, I checked which requests actually referred to a Servlet, so that you can see the picture below to find it easy to understand, it describes the relationship between the concepts of Servlet.

In this example, I hide the jsp files in the WEB-INF/views.

Http Session; import org.o7planning.simplewebapp.beans. User Account; import org.o7planning.simplewebapp.utils.

My Utils; @Web Filter(filter Name = "cookie Filter", url Patterns = ) public class Cookie Filter implements Filter package org.o7planning.simplewebapp.filter; import

this vector is used to create the jsp response and so use the printwriter out for writing the response onto the jsp page thanks but i am getting error like invalid table name even though i created a table inside the oracle with the table name NOTESDB. " , it is representing the setmethod for the int or string which are invoked by the object created by the preparedstatement, which i did in the code.

I know this is not sufficent for the connection of the html to the database connection class.

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ok i will keep the database connection in a different java class.