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Updating album art in wmp

The naming scheme is as basic as i Tunes, and unless you're ripping to WMA, you should definitely use another software solution for MP3s, because WMP (again, much like i Tunes) uses a rather poor MP3 encoder that is less efficient than, for example, the LAME MP3 bundle.For ripping CDs, I would recommend using Exact Audio Copy with the LAME MP3 encoder.Today, in WMP 12, i clicked the menu option under Tools -I keep getting this message when changing album art although im not using the file .it will change the art but not on all the tracks so when i use wmp in small panel view i have album art for one track then default image for the rest !?Hi there, For some reason my WMP12 has stopped autofinding album information when i put the cd in and I have to right click on the cd and 'Find Album Info' manually for each cd...as I'm trying to do different things whilst I'm ripping my cds it is becoming a bit of a pain. (Ironically, in Windows Media Centre, it will find the Album Art but not update the Album Info leaving it as 'Unknown Album'...The hidden images are just cache for the thumbnails to be displayed in the player. When I go into Windows Media Player and Right Click into find album info, at the end of the art finding process, when I click on "finish", I get a script error that reads: An Error Has Occurred on this page.

I think EAC has autotagging features, but if not, you can always use MP3Tag.

I am writing an application to help with recording Vinyl albums to digital format, for use in Windows Media Player and Media Centre.

I have the recording and track splitting part done, including saving the track information with taglib.

So, I've spent hours, nay, even days, trying to get the album art for my gigs of music that I've acquired over the last 10 years.

I was pleased with my finalized collection, now complete with album art and metadata.

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any ideas this is happening after clean install, upgrade....