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Stuart -- Stuart Ward M 44 7782325143 On 31 January 2012 , Simon Greenwood such i am looking to update my BIOS.

The last BIOS update I did was on an ASUS motherboard.

Have you tried another usb stick (or a cd for that matter to put the iso on?

) some sticks do not appear to function as they should if you boot from them.

Hi, I have realised that some graphics glitches i have been experiencing on my thinkpad x121e might be the product of an out-of-date BIOS. From what i can see online, it looks like doing this on ubuntu can be a risky enterprise - potentially leaving your machine unbootable.

I am just trying to create the grub4dos boot sector in the MBR of the flash drive. He has updated dual boot setups via windows as you mentioned in your first email(worked in his case)-contacting lenovo about that matter may be a good starting point. However having a quick look (choosing a lenovo x121e on the site) and going through the 6 step process to select the OS (chose win7) it comes back with a "bios update bootable cd iso"-have you tried that method?

ASUS supply a DOS utility to flash the BIOS, so I created a bootable CD with Free DOS, the utility and the new BIOS on it, as I don't have a floppy drive.

The Fee DOS website had a guide to creating the CD.

For DOS, a BIOS drive number (in hex 0x HH or decimal DDD format)can be used to access the drive." I see that someone ( has suggested that the command should be: sudo /boot/Grub4DOS/stage2/--floppy=7 /dev/sdb7, but since i am worried about wiping my whole hard disk i am worried about experimenting (i don't want "sudo /boot/Grub4DOS/stage2/--floppy=1 /dev/sdc1" to write to sda1 as opposed to sdc1). [hidden email] https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-ukhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UKTeam/ Hi there, Have you made sure that the iso you create /put on the stick is correct?

I have been overwhelmed by the grub4dos readme file, so if anyone as any ideas on either 1) how to get grub4dos working, or 2) how i make a live usb from the Lenovo ISO to update my BIOS, i'd appreciate it. Thanks, j On 31 January 2012 , James Morrissey Hello, did you try running the bios flash utility as administrator on windows by explicitly right-clicking it. I had a few problems myself on the past where files downloaded from websites are not exact and come back with all sorts of errors.

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Hi all, Digging up an old thread as i am still trying to solve this problem.