Tom leykis dating single mothers premade dating site web hosting

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Tom leykis dating single mothers

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As a general rule, single mothers are after only one thing when they bring a man into the picture: money.

If the old adage, 'don't listen to what women say, watch what they do' holds any water, then never believe any single mother who tells you she is looking for a partner for herself.

Countless fights would be erupting between the girl and the boy over child-rearing duties, and along the way, another baby would get produced.

More distressing was the possibility that all the equity in our house would get used up trying take care of children raising children, and wifey would quit her job because the kids weren't up to the task of being parents.

The girl in question came from an abusive household, and at one point my wife even seemed to think it was necessary that we look after her (and this was before news of the pregnancy hit).

Skip to content In an earlier thread, jamesbond amplified on the topic of getting involved with single mothers, warning of the dangers of getting involved with them.Yeah, she wants a partner alright - your bank account! Why shoulder the responsibilities of being a father when in reality you are not.I'm young and i fully understand that being with single mothers is a risk that i rather not take.It is only good if the single mother is very educated and religious and something really out of her control happened. And then, if you also have a kid so you can have your own Brady Bunch.If you date in "Third World" countries, this is really unnecessary because there are so many virgin girls with no kids.

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When the impending arrival of the baby was confirmed, the boy and the girl insisted on keeping the baby, no matter that neither one had jobs, weren't even finished with high school, and were failing to boot.

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