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I got an unusual email from Amazon today: I’m sure that Domino is a fine magazine, but I told Amazon not to send me anything promotional.

So I checked my communication preferences on Amazon.

Yup, they’re not supposed to send me any emails like this: What’s up, Amazon?

Ian, tell Amazon folks that they burnt a teeny bit of my goodwill this morning.

It should have been placed perhaps on a wide-mouth paper cup.

I was pleased with their tuna sandwich and had my tummy burpped with contentment. Who gets up for bacon and eggs brunch that early???? My wife ordered a pasta which tasted like it was packed with MSG and was too thick and saltly, so left half of it. I ordered a supposedly gourmet salmon sandwich, which was constructed out of some kind of sweetened bread from Goldilocks. There was only 1 waitress assigned to us to cater for more than 60 guests.

(ranks in the top 20 google) Site 5: Site registered in late 2003, ~50 backlinks.Until I come up to the point that I was the one who went inside to cancel our order. i came there to experience the authentic cebuano/ bisaya taste coz i dont like what iv been eating in manila all food they put sugar.But the cashier said our order was ready to serve (not until I went there to cancel our order). pay attention to the customers instructionreally spent an hour of my precious time to try it.I’m adding the email that I received (with permission): Hi Matt — My colleague Ian Mc Allister showed me your recent blog posting asking why it was you received an email from Amazon letting you know you were eligible to receive a free 12 month subscription to Domino magazine, even though you had set your Amazon privacy controls to not receive any “promotional” emails. It was a follow up e-mail that we promised we would send to you when you made your purchase.As stated on the site, customers who made qualifying purchases in Amazon’s Home & Garden store would receive an email with instructions letting them know how to opt-in for their free, one-year subscription to Domino.

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I’ve gone 5 days without posting….sorry for the silence….