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I know for myself, personally, I didn’t write about one person or a breakup.

I wrote about how I behaved in relationships and how I feel like I treated people in the past and how I feel it’s affected relationships.

We see going to countries and specifically states with anti-LGBT legislation in progress or on the books already as a celebration.

I think if we just all of a sudden out of the blue were like, "We don’t want to talk about sexism or misogyny or homophobia anymore. Our world is transforming very quickly where we are able to follow people 24/7 and obsess over them.That can make profound change and can affect change and can reach a lot of people.I think for an artist our size, where we’re still quite modestly sized, to pull out of playing a show in North Carolina would just be punishing a very small part of the population and probably a very queer-friendly part of the population, so I don’t know if there’s as much of a benefit.He’s so this and he’s so that." It’s like following the royals or following the Kennedys. The truth is if it raises awareness around the world about Canada and about some of the awesome stuff that’s happening there, you can find the positive in that.I think with increased celebrity comes increased scrutiny, and I think that’s always the fine line.

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