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No big deal, because you sold loads of CDs and t-shirts, right? It gives you an opportunity to connect with your fans after the show when they come to the table looking for something to take home with them.

Making and selling merch can be a lot of fun for that reason.

It’s another way of giving your fans what they want.

I know there are plenty of groups out there that never get around to making merchandise, but these aren’t the same bands I see grinding it out on the road.

These items both have the highest upfront cost, however, so ordering smart is essential.

When ordering shirts, knowing your primary fan base is vital.

We added 2XL shirts to our inventory at one point and bought far too many of those, too.

One way to test out what people will buy is to set up pre-orders for certain designs of tee-shirts on your website and advertise pre-orders to your fans.

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If your audience is more grass-roots, you can even take pre-orders or polls for orders at shows.

This should give you a good idea of what kind of inventory you’ll want on hand.

Maybe you play with a lot of college students, so custom notebooks and pens could be a great investment. You need to prove that you can successfully sling rad material in your local market waaaaay before you hit the road.

Go through a website that sells custom merchandise and get an idea of the kinds of items that are cheap to customize and match up with your envisioned audience. Even so, there are lots of merch ideas that cost you an arm and a leg.

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