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Starbucks dating customers

“I do check my balance quite regularly, but I can't say I look through my statements that closely, so I had no idea that they hadn't been charging me for coffee since March.“I contacted my bank but they said companies have six months to claim payment so there's nothing they can do.There are loads of people this has affected and I think they will lose a lot of customers in the town over this.” Another customer, Keeley Kenzie, saw payment for 19 Starbucks transactions come out of her account on May 20, and a further 20 were removed on May 26, dating back to February.

I'll be sure to pay cash in future.“ A spokesperson for Starbucks said: “We are working hard to rectify this delayed transaction issue caused by a technical fault, which meant a delay to some customers' authorised debit and credit card charges, in some of our UK stores.

Lucy Trimnell, 32, who has seen £130 taken from her account for drink purchases at Starbucks dating back to March, said: “I'm very, very upset about the situation.“I have to manage my money quite carefully and this large amount coming out has seen me fall into my overdraft, for which I have been charged.

“A direct debit payment, which comes out of the same account, also bounced and I got charged for that as well.

Starbucks estimates that the new service could save UK customers 15 minutes per coffee.

Mobile pre-pay came in on October 1 in the UK to coincide with International Coffee Day.

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I contacted Starbucks and they offered me some free drink vouchers, which I politely declined.