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Y como quisiera que esos sueños tan reales pudieran ser tangibles...!Si me pidieran rescatar una cosa de mi vida eso serian mis sueños.. He̼llo sٙtranger my aduͪlt master :) I foūnd ȳour pics on facebook . i'm 30/f lٜooking for a f%ckbuddy on the side !Tesla’s (1856-1943) patented free energy methods were rejected due to their inability to be metered and monetized.“We urgently need to change our mistaken point of view that our ancestors were stupid and accept that they had an advanced understanding of the fabric of nature and the universe, just like Nikola Tesla, whose ideas were suppressed as they did not and do not fit in the reigning economic model,” states Phillip Coppens, author and investigative journalist.“We realize that this site changes our knowledge of history and as such the findings will need to withstand harsh scrutiny.

Prominent archaeologists have attempted smear campaigns on Dr.

They have included the noted British scientist and inventor Harry Oldfield, who used a special camera system to photograph alleged electromagnetic (EM) waves in the vicinity of Visocica Hill.

The pyramid structures that were built in Bosnia and across the globe over 10,000 years ago cannot be duplicated by modern science and machinery in the 21st century and there is no explanation for who could have built them in our recorded history.

“The pyramids are proof that our ancestors knew and worked with an energy technology that we are now finally able to measure, but are still short of fully understanding.”Coppens along with Klaus Dona of Austria and dozens of speakers attended the International Conference Bosnia Pyramid in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina which is held annually to release findings to the public.

Osmanagich has had a host of experts in various fields come to see his Bosnian pyramids, and measure anomalies associated with them.

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