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Skype sex chat with stranger

With my idea, Americans are very frank and straightforward in social activities.If they like this person, they will show great hospitality to them. about our punctuality, It all depends, it is very unpolite if you are late in commerce or date.I don't believe that they are accurate of real life. Their manner is very casual, also their behaviour is very childish. Amercians are very friendly and kind, it is very easy for them to make friends worldwide. Amercians pay great attention to time, everything they do is basd on schedule. pace of life is very quick which makes you love KFC or Mac Donald haha my impression~~~~by the way, actually actors like Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan can not represent our real life in China, few people have kungfu in China.I would be interested in hearing what stereotypes people in China have of Americans . I don't know what acting "like a child in social activities" means. Some of the social activities I am part of are formal and would bore a child to tears (I know this because I have a child).Can you tell me an example of what an American acting like a child would be? Actually, I live in Boston in the Northeast of the country.We are known for being rather cold, but other parts of the country are known for being friendlier.Maybe you could give specific examples of something that is typical in China that you think Americans would do differently.The idea that "the mayor must be the latest to arrive" is interesting.

You can role play, just chat, or flirt your little heart out, and it's all done anonymously.

You know I really want to share some opinion of Americans from a Chinese eyesight. haha Our understanding of Amercian come from Internet, movie and our American teacher, that is very unilateral. A while ago, as part of a language exchange, I read an article (in Spanish) by someone from Latin America describing how we Americans viewed the world.

so I guess if I share that with you, you would feel very funny. I would enjoy hearing the stereotypes that Chinese people have of Americans. I didn't agree with many parts of the article. I have a few friends who are second or third generation Chinese (meaning their parents or grandparents were born in China).

Hello, Eliza speaking: I want to add some foreigners to be my friend,want to know some culture difference. so maybe I should express like" does Amercian people very open in sex ?

But when we chat with each other, many Internet friends started the topic with sex,such as naked, horny. Could you give me some suggestion when I meet these foreigners? Our interactions have been pretty straightforward and sex has never come up. You know, I learn English and our understanding of western culutre come from countries like United Kingdom, U. " By the way ,thank you very much, you make me realize my misunderstanding~~~~ sex? Many countries, particularly in Europe, see Americans as very closed-minded and repressed about sex.

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