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showtopic=38125 If you have a "patched" installation you should select a custom installation to see if there are patches listed there that you'll need to include (such as selecting the appropriate patch set for your CPU, see Comment 2). Here is how I have succesfully install OS X x86 NATIVELY on my laptop! (make sure you have your bios set to boot to CD) 5. Start the installation dvd image in single mode using the "-v -s" flags.

Another place to check is opening up a Terminal window and looking around the installation disc.. First of all, I think your CPU needs at LEAST sse2. Im posting this from the OS X x86 port of Firefox Wink 1. Copy tiger-x86from the archive to an external USB drive (it’s 6gb) 3. Once ubuntu boots and the gui finally comes up, hook up the USB drive you copied the 6gb image to. Open a terminal window and cd to that directory (/Devices/Yourdrivesvolumename). You are about to erase this entire drive so make sure youve got it right and make sure you want to do this! Once a prompt appears enter "fdisk -e /dev/rdisk0" (depending on your drive, this is the typical primary disk).

If you are using an image you will need to make the image available for use by the virtual machine. Unfortunately, as of the writing of this guide, it is unable to properly mount HFS images (the file system used by the Mac OS X installation DVD).

It will result in the VM hanging when loading the kernel, throwing messages in the console such as: Then boot from the CD as described below.

It would stall even after doing what Commenter #9 did.

You will need to go back and change the settings again! For this guide Im installing it on my Sony Vaio TR2A. This image was created by “deadmoo” and we can easily change his password. Everything should boot, and at the login screen enter your new password. Simply dd the image in the same manner to any physical drive in your pc, and when its done boot to that drive and it should work.I use 512MB (out of 1GB System) and I have set my Memory Preferences [Edit Double click the CD-ROM drive and select the letter of the Virtual Drive with the mounted ISO that you created with Alcohol 120%.If you are using Daemon Tools you may not see your drive listed. If you are using Daemon tools you may need to help VMware find the drive. (Utilities - You may now continue on to step 9 (above). If this happens to you, boot with the -x option (hit a button at the darwin screen when you boot your pc. Should work without any problems, and I dont see any restrictions being in safe mode. At the command prompt screen type: sh /bin/sh passwd curtis (change the password to what you like) passwd deadmoo (change the passwrod to what you like) Done!It worked with no problem for me in VMWare Server 1.0.3 on a Linux host. You don't have to but I recommend that you allocate the disk space now so that disk performance is increased. You may also split files into 2GB pieces if on FAT partition.Double click Memory and set the amount of RAM you'd like to use.

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