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Sexy chat with rebot

In fact, some guys engage in gentle intercourse, in which they avoid getting close to the edge or orgasming. If porn use is the cause of your symptoms, you may wonder why most men temporarily eliminate masturbation and orgasm during the rebooting period.The short answer is - "That's how most guys have done it". And many rebooters claim that a temporary timeout helps reset their sexual arousal template.There's an established history of temporary sexual abstinence by men with porn-induced sexual problems and those in recovery from sex addiction. As stated, YBOP has only two "rules' for a reboot: If you think it may be helpful for you to temporarily eliminate or drastically reduce masturbation/orgasm during a reboot, please educate yourself first with these threads on whether to masturbate or not, and the pros & cons of masturbating, a balanced approach/plan, and this thread by a nofapper who thinks no masturbation is too restrictive.

On the other hand, sensual contact with a real person can be beneficial, as long as you don't fantasize about porn.Rebooting is our term for recovering from porn addiction and associated symptoms, including sexual dysfunctions.We call it 'rebooting' so you can envision restoring your brain to its original factory settings.We do not advocate abstinence as a permanent lifestyle.Although there is nothing wrong with masturbation, it may not be the all-around health panacea touted by the media.

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As it is for most things in life, moderation may be the key with masturbation.

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