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Sexy chat with muslim girl

Sex drives are variable, and some people's are higher than others, but nevertheless it isn't a symptom of an abnormal sex drive to fantasise.

It's entirely normal, and being ignorant of this means you should probably not be commenting on the issue.

This 'lower your gaze' applies for today also for media and Internet.

It is hard to control yourself when the display of forbidden fruit is just clicks away.

It 's better to avoid thinking about that.(ayatollah Makarem) Hazrat masih(Christ) (a.s.) said to his Followers: "Hazrat Moses intuited you to avoid zina,but I enjoin you even don't think about it;because someone who thinks about zina is the same as a person who Turns Fire in a beautiful colorful room;in that situation It 's possible that room doesn't take fire but fire 's smoke will make the room dark and will ruins it."(ghurar al-hikam,volume3,page451) As the other answers have pointed out Thoughts by themselves do not count as hayir (good deeds) or sher (bad deeds).

Assalamualaikum, First of all, if the thoughts are un-intentional, or in dream, then its not your fault or not a sin at all.

This concept of taqwa and self-restraint is alien to the west where it is encouraged to follow your lusts and desires, instant gratification, and let your nefs run wild.

So how do we tame our nefs and keep it on a leash when our senses are bombarded by inappropriate and un-Islamic promiscuity?

That being said however, having sexual fantasies is by no means a sin, as long as the person does not act upon it.

Sexual fantasies are among the thoughts that cross a person’s mind because it is something that is stored in the subconscious which is affected by the environment in which he lives and the scenes that he sees.

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But if you intentionally visualize anything like that, then it should be avoided completely, as it can be first way towards Zina (as committing Zina's first step starts from thinking about it, which fuels your lust).

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