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Only a fraction of parents actively monitor their children’s activity when they are on the internet....[tags: supervision, internet, safety] - Modern forms of social networking can be a challenge and an advantage for people of any age, this can be particularly so for teenagers.The World Wide Web, the common, everyday section of the Internet, started approximately a decade ago."Surfing the Web" has become easier since its inception, and the number of users has skyrocketed into the millions (Department of Education)....Basically viruses are extremely bad, because they can delete your files and even destroy your computer....[tags: Internet Safety, Internet, ] - The Concern of Children's Safety on the Internet During the last decade, the number of households using the Internet has increased dramatically.[tags: Information Technology ] - We live in a society that thrives on technology; it is pervasive throughout our daily lives.Everyone seems to have an i Pod, cell phone, or laptop with them at all times.

The parents of this generation may have only recently started using the internet. With children often having secret passwords and hidden privacy settings, parents are often unaware of the danger their children are in while they are online.

[tags: cybercrimes, phishing, scam] - Internet Safety can be defined as the awareness of one's vulnerability on while using the internet an expanding personal security to avoid being targeted by online crime ( Wikipedia and Web Definitions).

There is two types of damage that can be inflicted on unaware internet users, the first is personal damage and the second is computer damage.

1.3 Difference between cryptography and steganography Cryptography and steganography are technologies used for different purposes but have same objective i.e.

to send the secret data in such a way that it is not readable by someone who is not the intend recipient.

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[tags: Internet Web Cyberspace Safety Essays] - Keeping safe on the internet Introduction Safety on the internet is very important it is a place where anything can happen, and if you’re not careful damage can happen in reality, such as identity theft, stolen banking information and physical harm.