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Sex sign up

Whether you’re a dedicated daily horoscope reader or an occasional astrology peruser, you’re here!

Which means you really want to know what could very well possibly make your sex life extra *spicy*. Astrologer and relationship expert “An Aries woman typically knows a man’s energy better than he does, so sex for them is carnal, requiring no wooing or coaxing.

Plan for an astral sex date (Scorpios tend to be super psychic) prior to your actual physical encounter.

Since the scorpion is also the energetic alchemist in astrology, kundalini practices and tantric sex can be literally out of this world in terms of fun and healing.Summer spots for Leos to have sex include anywhere bright— hotel room with all the shades open in the morning, in the bathroom on the counter under the vanity lights—wherever their latest rigorous gym/nutrition regime can be displayed in full glory.” house of health and wellness, and typically pretty particular when it comes to the where/how/when of sex.The Virgo will also want to take control of the situation and might be into prolonging the lovemaking (they like routine).Expect a nice tan, great hair, white teeth and a six-pack.A true Leo can’t let themselves go because, vanity.

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Outdoors might make them cringe, so inside is probably your best bet.