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Security Personnel are available twenty-four (24) hours a day to respond to emergency situations or to address and investigate any criminal activity or inappropriate conduct reported by a student, staff member, or visitor to campus.

Security personnel patrol campus facilities, grounds, and parking lots to monitor activity on campus, assist anyone in need, and to insure that unauthorized persons are not on campus.

It’s thrilling to be with someone older and more experienced. Not to mention, you’ll be thinking about how inappropriate or unacceptable society might perceive you. As women age, their sex drives become increasingly active.

Who knows what you can learn from her life experiences? Some undergrad students may still be inexperienced and have no idea what they’re doing when they’re under the sheets with you. Since Cougars can know what they like from their previous relationship(s), she’ll be able to guide you through the process– noting along the way what she likes and doesn’t like, possibly even knowing what you like– making the experience more pleasurable for the both of you. A little psyche excitement couldn’t hurt in the bedroom.

Law Enforcement Services - The Danville Police Department and other law enforcement agencies provide law enforcement services on the DACC campus.

The DACC Security Office does not have law enforcement authority and DACC Security Officers are not authorized to carry weapons.

Annual sign up each fall is required to continue this service.

Sign up is completed online at this link: https:// Emergency Text Messaging is just of the methods Danville Area Community College will use to communicate emergency information to students, faculty, and staff.

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A minimum of one campus safety and/or crime awareness program is provided per semester, free of charge, for students and staff of the College through the Office of Human Resources/Affirmative Action, Student Services and the CQI Student Development Team.