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Bostwick tried to return fire, but his hands were too bloody."Shoot that son of a gun," he advised, according to a recollection he may have edited for profanity.According to some studies, 75 percent of all college students have "hooked up," though that might not mean what you think it means.Still, whatever happened to good old fashioned dating?Now people aren't getting married until later and later so it makes high school and college this time where relationships can be really, really casual." "But then what happens after college? "I mean, if they are used to not dating and just participating in this hook up culture, what does it lead to?""What's amazing is I interviewed people that were in the young alumni category age 23 to 30 and people that hooked up all through high school and college went back to more traditional dating after," Bogle said.Some basic facts remain unresolved, with one side swearing the road has been gated for decades and the other swearing it has been open for just as long.The legal issues, some of which have diverted the case to an appellate court in San Antonio, fill four bulging folders at the county courthouse, where the records room is packed on a typical day with industry landmen researching mineral rights in one of the most productive oil and gas fields in the world.

less Sitting under a framed photo of his grandchildren, La Salle County Judge Joel Rodriguez talks about the issues surrounding the gating of Hindes Road, in in his office at the La Salle County Courthouse in ...

Fatal crashes have become endemic as sleep-deprived tank truck drivers navigate clogged lanes alongside ordinary motorists, emergency vehicles and school buses.

But to people who remember more bucolic times in this vast expanse where wild horses and mountain lions once roamed, the case also represents a more significant turn in the culture of rural Texas. I've seen a bunch of them around here that used to be friends that aren't friends anymore because of the greed and the money." La Salle County, named for a hapless French explorer who came looking for the Illinois River, emerged at the turn of the 20th century as an innovative center of irrigation agriculture.

" Chen asked."So many things happened and kind of converged at one time that you have, you have, people getting married much later, that's a big issue," Bogle said.

"People used to use their high school and college years to figure out who they were going to end up with and almost do some sort of spouse shopping.

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"Hindes Road," said a sign on the gate, with an arrow indicating a detour.

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