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In the eyes of sports fans, however, one Scottish creation in particular stands head and shoulders above all the others: golf.Not my words, but the opening sentences from The Official Guide to Golf in Scotland: The Home of Golf.Never having been outside of either of the two main cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh before, I was keen to get a taste of the countryside so for this trip we stayed in the small picturesque village of Kenmore, at the mouth of Lough Tay, in Perthshire.

While there we took a tour of this family-run business which proved a fascinating insight into how Burnett makes his truffles, pralines and other products, and we also sampled some of the treats in the coffee shop.

And just over the second bridge is Mains of Taymouth Country Estate and Golf Course, where we stayed for the duration of the trip.

Mains of Taymouth is a high quality resort, offering a mix of luxury apartments, large family houses and cottages to stay in.

Countries which host major sporting events like this do so for more than the prestige.

It is a massive financial undertaking so while the prestige is obviously nice, it's not enough. There has to be an opportunity to piggyback on the event to enhance the country's reputation as a tourist destination.

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The response afterward in terms of green fees, hotel guests, general interest in the club was immense.

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