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Secunda explains: “When you interact with a figurative work to make a hole through it, you can quite easily eradicate anything about it which makes it interesting or understandable.So I had to be pretty careful where I placed the holes.Piers Secunda is a British painter-cum-sculptor who decided to travel to the Kurdish frontlines of Iraq to “bring the noise of the world” into his studio.Instead of painting what he saw, Secunda took highly detailed casts of bullet holes shot out by Isis guns.

Through a friend, Secunda made contact with the Kurdish PUK government and arranged to visit the war-torn region of northern Iraq in late 2015.

As Secunda worked on other bullet holes, he was disturbed by an explosion from the road his party had travelled on, prompting an early leave.

A smoking crater marked the tarmac as the group drove to a frontline Peshmerga base, where poorly armed troops faced off against Isis fighters 150 metres away.

On his return to the UK, the moulds were laid into other casts based on ancient artworks, creating the unsettling impression they have been shot at.

The resulting 13 works, currently on display at the Jaeckel Gallery in New York, are a unique metaphor on the cultural vandalism perpetrated by Isis. “They’re deleting history.” Conversely, Secunda believes the most significant work an artist can create is something which produces a statement about the world or creates a record of it.

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“As they’ve learned of what I’m doing, everyone in Kurdistan, and in the Kurdish Regional Government in Washington, have been very enthusiastic,” he says.