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Score dating game commands

After all have done so, each adds the piece received to his hand.End of Round The first player to run out of pieces in hand causes the round to end.The scoring side of each piece is comprised of the two squares that are not part of the match.Numbers on the scoring side will score their value. For example, when the 6-6-Blank-2 piece is played below, it scored 6 points.This also means that users can tweak the values and potentially improve some of these mechanics.We know many of you are excited by the opportunity to help us improve the game, so we have put together an online document that outlines all the variables that we have created and exposed.Commands After you play a Command piece, follow the command written on it. • PLAY AGAIN: You may immediately play another piece from your hand.Here is what each of the five different commands mean. If you can play it, you may do so; if not, add it to your hand. If you can’t, or if you choose not to, just end your turn (don’t draw again).

Scoring After each piece is played, scoring occurs.

Command squares are also black in color and are considered to be blanks for matching purposes.

For example, the Blank-Blank side shown below must be adjoined by another Blank-Blank.

After it is played, points are awarded for the “scoring side” of a piece (its two unmatched squares.) Object To accumulate the highest score after three rounds of play.

How to Play Randomly select one piece from the draw pile, flip it over and place it in the center of the playing area. (Ignore any “Commands” on this piece.) The oldest player plays first.

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• A piece cannot be played that simultaneously matches two different pieces in play.