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But “Marvin’s Machine” can date material 100 millionths of a gram or less.Blinman said the process’s capability to date very small samples would allow, for instance, determination of the age of the ink on a Chinese text written on bamboo.This is one of the very, very few sites in Mora County that have been excavated,” she said of the site reported by the state Department of Transportation.A buffalo tooth rests in a tube of the Low Energy Plasma Radiocarbon Sampling machine located in the New Mexico Office of Archaeological Studies lab.

The machine is used to date artifacts without damaging to the sample.He says much of what he learned was by trial and error.In fact, the first machine he and his Texas A&M colleagues built caught fire and was destroyed.The City of Santa Fe’s Office of Affordable Housing is seeking candidates interested in serving on the Community Development Commission (CDC).The CDC is a seven-member board appointed by the Mayor to serve three year terms.

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