Rest area bathroom sex

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Rest area bathroom sex

I waited until another Eighteen Wheeler pulled up and parked. It was a lame excuse, and I didnt really need the gas but it was all I could come up with at the moment. That was as good of place as any, to satisfy my lust for cock. Do you think I might be able to suck you off, for maybe Ten dollars?The blood surged through his cock head Bill The Black God like Hunk, at my rear, soon had his two wet fingers, working there way past my prostate.He slowly slid them up to his knuckles, loosening me up for the ride.Im going to come soon and you better swallow every last drop. As his dick worked its way deeper into my hole, he slapped my ass and called me his little bitch. Oh yes you little cum slut he shouted and they worked me from one cock to another.Oh yes I could not believe how lucky I was to service these two black men.

He pulled back on my hair and made me look up into his eyes. He pulled his cock from my mouth and began to spray thick streams of cum into my mouth and on my face.

I was kind of embarrassed and just closed my eyes to hide my shame. Go ahead said the first one and soon my pants were completely taken off and thrown from the stall.

The John in my mouth slowed down his assault on my throat a little, and I could tell it was an attempt to delay the release of his seed.

My eyes lit up like a kid in a candy store, and a rush come over my body as I licked my lips in anticipation in my opened salivating mouth. Raising his balls with one hand clinching a fist full off my hair in the other, he leaned back against the stall and let out a groan.

Soon my mouth engulfed his head and my tongue swirled around it like a lollipop. Wow what a feeling, my body tingled and I could feel my own cock stiffening in my pants. Eat my ass you little nasty queer Oh yes, suck my ass you faggot.

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The door swung shut behind my Johns, and I was already down and opened mouthed.