Redating the new testament review

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Redating the new testament review

Griffith’s evidence is the intertextuality in the accounts of NT preachers John the Baptist, Jesus, and Paul with the OT prophetic ministry.

However, due to these characters’ unique roles in redemptive-history, we must not too quickly assume all that is true of them is true of subsequent preachers.

There are three features at the end of this new volume not included in the earlier volume.

First, there is a Scripture index for every text in the devotions rather than just the main text of the devotion. In addition to the usual subjects one expects to find, the index include the grammatical concepts illustrated in the devotionals.

is highly recommended for pastors wishing to ground their preaching ministry in a Biblical foundation.

It also is an excellent book for a preaching class; I would certainly assign it to my students if I taught such a class.

Holly Beers deals with several options for the use of the present tense in Luke 19:8.

Aside from the word-studies, my two most enjoyable chapters were those on 2 Timothy 3-4 and Hebrews.Griffiths has laser-sharp focus and doesn’t get distracted by related issues. Much preaching in the NT is evangelistic, but this is largely due to the narrative of Acts.Considering the setting, context, and posture of the preacher and the hearers would have benefited this an excellent accessible and brief (133 pages of body) lexical, exegetical and biblical-theological survey of preaching in the NT.There’s nothing here particularly ground-breaking, but neither is it controversial.

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Scott Duvall and Verlyn Verbrugge (Zondervan, 2012).

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