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Psychedelic dating

For me there are many benefits of taking Ayahuasca, I’ll share just two here.

First, it catalyses information from your subconscious and allows you to understand the nature of your closest and most personal relationships not just from your perspective, but from theirs too.

Enevitably, we, as humans, have acquired conditioned patterns of thought that limit our scope for thinking.In purely practical terms, the table is more suitable for whack-a-mole than Ping-Pong.In his 1963 Fluxus Manifesto, Maciunas collaged and annotated varying definitions of the word flux.How sad that those who see things in black and white and label all drugs as ‘bad’ will never come to the understanding that the negative impacts of some drugs of abuse can be cancelled out by other therapeutic drugs, specifically plant medicines like Iboga.For me Iboga is the most powerful and pronounced in it’s effect, both physically and mentally.

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Psychedelic medicines are a tool, but one must know how to use a tool properly in order to get the benefit from it.

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