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Equally comfortable chatting about every-day social events and discussing pivotal tenets of the Church catechism, he successfully balances humble reverence with fierce intelligence and firmly founded beliefs, not hesitating for a moment to expresses his profound reverence for the divine leadership of our new Pope.

When one parishioner asked him what he’d like to tell Pope Francis if he could, Paul demurred – “Nothing!

I would not dare to suggest anything to our Holy Father!

I firmly believe that the Holy Spirit has appointed him through the voice of the cardinals and that He will also guide our new Pope in every decision he makes.” Paul, earnest, inspiring, and persuasive, is an asset to our church and a future leader!

But, at the end of the year, I felt even more strongly that the decision was the right one for me,” he explains. I knew it was God who was calling me and so I could not refuse Him!

” Journey to the USA That was just the beginning of his journey from Szczecinek, a city founded in 1310 in rural Poland, to the United States and his future, which is unfolding according the God’s plan.

Of course, he often found himself arriving at the chapel for morning prayers early and using the few minutes to meditate.

However, sometimes he simply used the extra time to get things done, like cleaning his room or studying.

punishment, Paul’s voice softens while his gaze intensifies.

I always felt that God was very close.” When he was a senior in high school, the idea of dedicating his life to God and the vocation of priesthood presented itself. Let me think about it for a while and see where it takes me.’ And, I gave myself a year to see if, at the end, the idea still appealed to me.

During that time, of course, I prayed about it, but I was also busy with the preoccupations of every teenager, like school and sports, and so on.

His mother, an accountant, and his father, a truck driver, are devout Catholics and Paul and his sister, Agnieszka, attended Mass regularly with them.

“My parents are strong Catholics and we met very good priests. Instead, I said to myself, ‘Okay, this is a possibility.

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Brasilien, die sanfte Haelfte Suedamerikas mit einer Natur- und Kulturvielfalt unfassbarer Ausdehnung ohne schroffe Gebirge und harte Gesten, ist ein Land, das sich dem Besucher offen und ohne Widerstaende zeigt.

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