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I told my daughter that she was no longer to engage in Role-play.

I could see how attached she was becoming to this fictional life and although it was very innocent, I, on the other hand, could see that this fictional life could easily affect her “real’ life.

On one particular occasion, however, I noticed that her account name she was using wasn’t her real name.

When I asked her who this person was, she said she was pretending to be the sister of a band she loves, One Direction, and it was just something called “Role-play”.

My husband and I let her know, how much we love her and care about her well-being, and that we didn’t think it was safe to continue.She and her friends post pictures, like one another’s photos and make the odd comment to one another.In due time, my husband and I noticed that our daughter was becoming a bit more consumed with her Instagram account.I began to research the hashtag #roleplay and #rp on Instagram and came across thousands and thousands of people using the hashtag and engaging in these fictional, interactive online Instagram stories.Unfortunately, not everyone is innocently assuming the role of Harry potter or a One Direction singer.

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And, what scares me the most about role-playing on Instagram is that the images being used that I came across in the #roleplay hashtags weren’t necessarily suggestive, however under some of these nonsuggestive images were pornographic discussions.

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