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Pierre bouvier is dating

She also plays four instruments, loves hip-hop dance, and is an avid softball player.

Today, Simple Plan is BACK with their fifth full-length album, Taking One for the Team!

In an informal survey of rockers and other hipsters, nearly all of the artists polled copped to liking at least something about the Burleson, Texas, singer.

Indie rocker Ted Leo saw the video one morning earlier this year and decided to play an acoustic cover of it for a videotaped Web session a few hours later.

"I was like, 'Wow, that's a shockingly good song for a pop star,' " Leo said. I also really appreciate the more advanced pop pastiche aspects of it.

"Now it's cool to like Kelly Clarkson, so I'm in the clear," Moody said.

"She's kind of popular now." Clarkson, of course, has been popular in pop circles since winning "American Idol" four years ago.

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It's written in a way that is so transparent in terms of drawing from a lot of what's vaguely edgy and popular right now, but put together in such a perfect little package.

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