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Outlook shared mailbox not updating

All of this might sound like I’m complaining but I’m really not.

I use site mailboxes for projects on a daily basis.

So Share Point rejects the delete and Exchange resynchronizes the item to make it reappear in the folder.

All perfectly logical in a Share Point kind of way…

Finally, I have run into an issue where Outlook displayed all the contents of the site mailboxes but not using the normal document-centric view for items in document libraries.

In addition, options such as “Manage All Site Mailboxes” or “Site Mailbox Properties” were not shown in Outlook’s right-click navigation pane menu.

Sometimes this doesn't work as it should (this might be an Office 365 gotcha).

Site mailboxes provide a new collaborative interface between Share Point 2013 and Exchange 2013 that’s intended to exploit the different strengths of the two products – document management for Share Point and email for Exchange.

Outlook 2013 Professional Plus is the only client that can currently access site mailboxes.

In addition, the problem is noted in the Sync Issues folder of the site mailbox.

Here’s the text of a typical note: Failed to upload the document How Active Sync - Upload failed to Share Point folder location at "https://contoso.sharepoint.com/Projects/Shared Documents/Books/Windows IT Pro Magazine".

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# Update: March 11, 2014: I've found that synchronization occurs more reliably after installin Outlook 2013 SP1.