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He told them to do their worst and release the footage. Exact statistics are difficult to come by, as many people who are attacked don't go to police or make their situation public.

But then they replied with a screenshot of his Facebook friends, and personal details from his website. Security software companies, who may have an interest in exaggerating the threat, say they have detected vast numbers of attacks.

"By the time he got to calling us he was basically ready to transfer them all the money he had," Brendan said.

Males and females of any age, anywhere, can become victims.This was awkward, but they told him they had his back, and didn't hear from the ransomware hackers again.Professor Seltsikas described Matt's strategy as "super brave"."My own opinion is to not engage at all with the hackers."There's a lot more people than we know because there could be hackers in big centers watching video streams just waiting for something to happen," he said. Professor Seltsikas said hackers on the other side of the world were watching thousands of Australians through their webcams, and waiting for them to have a wank.Actually, turns out there's a site where you can already watch the live footage of thousands of CCTV cameras from all over the world.

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