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That’s not only because of their size but because their Internet use is expanding and they’re more likely to be single than in the past: more than a third of adults that age are unmarried, according to the Census.Emerging sites appealing to them include Senior People, Our, Silver

The biggest players also are adding cross-over lines of business.Offering geo-dating apps, which allow smartphone users to locate potential dates nearby--has become almost a prerequisite for keeping up in mobile.That’s long been the province of niche sites like, whose users spend a huge 2 hours a day on the site, according to the company, and, which has apparently become a favorite among athletes at the Sochi Olympics.The field is already crowded, with almost 3,900 companies running dating sites, according to a report last fall from business research firm IBISWorld.The report projects the industry to add about a hundred companies per year over the next four years.

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Related: Cheatin’ Hearts Online Cost Businesses $17M a Day That means making a dent as a new player will be harder than ever since many will have to build a database of users from scratch, says IBISWorld analyst Jeremy Edwards.

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