Nicole scherzinger dating james arthur matingdating com

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Nicole scherzinger dating james arthur

Speaking about his return to music and his past behaviour - which included him slagging off One Direction and Matt Cardle - James recalled: "I pressed the self-destruct button.I didn't realise the repercussions and the devastation my behaviour would cause.In what looked like a rather energetic performance from the 34-year-old, Nicole swung her jet-black hair around the stage while heartthrob James stood clutching his guitar and shooting her looks of respect.The controversial hopeful's success in the competition has bosses mystified as they originally thought he must've been given a boost by the regional Liverpool vote, but official figures show he is gaining support throughout the country.

Remember when James Arthur accused Rita Ora of only wanting a "piece of his penis" in an angry rap three years ago?And he has repaid her by lending a shoulder to cry on during her split with F1 race ace Lewis Hamilton.Straight-talking James said: "We confide in each other as friends do.The down-to-earth singer and the former Pussycat Doll have become best friends since she mentored him to the X Factor crown last year.And in my exclusive Rehab interview, James told me: He would love to marry Nicole but doesn't think he's good enough for her. They're close because they are "mad and tormented".

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I won't be lashing out or responding to negativity anymore."Nicole's boys - including Matt Terry, Ryan Lawrie and Freddy Parker - will be taking on the first Live Shows with the theme Express Yourself."With Nicole's help and the team's help, they made it a lot easier for us," 23-year-old hopeful Matt told us.