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Tell yourself to be calm and easy, don't try to impress anyone, but rather feel good in your own skin.

This inner peace speaks volumes to anyone around you.

They are the first things we look at on another person.Just to dive deep into the eyes and communicate without a single word.If you wish to review the first two "in action" parts of the series, you can do it here: Body language of Eye Contact in Action – Part 1Body language of Eye Contact in Action – Part 2You can try this guide to develop *ahem* an "evil" eye contact if you like, use with discretion…Or just return to Eye Contact section for more related info.If you cannot avoid the encounter or cannot openly defy the other party - try to find some excuse to change the topic or to lead the gaze away – for example, using props or your hands for gesticulations can divert the gaze and disarm it.It's like an elegant retreat; you don't openly submit defeat but rather change the theme.

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I know, it's not easy, mostly because the eyes seem to have a mind of their own – either they just stare and you can't get them off, or on the contrary, you just unable to hold your gaze when it's a necessity. you will find yourself much more at ease in company of strangers, you won't feel the need to hide away your glance and others will start to trust and like you more.