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He was a resident of Bucks county, 1684, but did not remain there long, and in the Welsh Tract Purchases his name appears as having purchased one hundred acres in Nantonell Parish, Radnor.Barbara Jones married Daniel Pegg, of 'Pegge's Run;' Mary Jones married her cousin Isaac Jones, and Dorothy Jones married Richard Cantrill.

His arrival in America has been estimated based upon several facts of historical significance.

Historical records of Pennsylvania show that the first brick house belonged to Robert Turner and was located at the corner of First and Mulberry (Arch) Streets.

Robert was a wealthy merchant from Dublin who arrived in 1683 and had his house built in 1684-85.

of a ..."Certain tract of land between Fifth and Sixth Streets containing three acres and sixty perches' (Here follows a full description by metes and bounds) to Richard Cantril, Brickmaker, with all woods and underwood and trees ways, waters, water courses, liberties, profits, commodities, advantages, and opportunities whatsoever." The rental was forty shillings per year, "current silver money of the Province"..."Said Richard Cantril shall build, erect, and set up a substantial brick house one story and a half in height an in breadth eighteen feet and in length thirty-six feet; the first story of one brick and a half and the second story of one brick, and further that said Richard Cantril shall make an orchard upon some part of the hereby granted land, with at least eighty good bearing apple trees planted thereon, and shall also well and sufficiently fence and enclose the said demised land." In "Pennsylvania Archives" we find: "Cantrill, Old Rights: Richard Cantril, city lot 3 acres, 10 day, 10 month, 1701.

Rich, return 3 acres, 3 month 1702." As the two sons left the New Castle area in the late 1720s or early 1730 and moved to the valley of Virginia by 1738. The will of Jane Jones (Richard Cantrell's mother-in-law), relict of Ellis Jones, executed at Phildelphia, Aug. 27, 1732, mentions her grandchildren: 'Zebulon Cantril, Joseph Cantril, and Dorothy Cantril,' to each of whom she bequeaths: 'One English shilling, or the value of it in coyn current.' Later the Archives record a "Caveat against surveying of land adjoining Richard Cantril's estate, issuing to the heirs, or executors of the said Richard Cantril, or any under him, May 31, 1753." No record could be found of the disposition of the estate of Richard Cantril, either by his heirs or executors, but he evidently died prior to May 31, 1753.

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