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Instead of being single and holding out for true love, I accepted backup options—men who showed an interest but not necessarily love at third sight.After a tirade of poor choices in which I always said, “Yes,” I lost myself, who I was, and what I wanted to be.I’ve seen people who are willing to take the blow, people who have found true love with happy marriages as its fruit, and people who never found true love but died happy in being true to themselves.Modern culture might tell me I’m living a lie, but I hasten to smile gently and reply, “But sweetheart, with what I’ve witnessed, I’m living the dream.” ————————————————————————— Her Glass Slipper was created by Carrie Lloyd in 2012.To be truly sincere towards him from the beginning.

They fight, they are diligent when they face disappointments, they get up and try again, and above all their strong “No” brings valiance to their, “Yes.” I certainly have a non-negotiable list, and if I had stuck to it a decade ago instead of compromising, I may have found more suitable partners to date in my twenties: honest, secure, lives out his faith, humble, funny and sexually attractive. No eye colour, no ‘must be the guy next door’ or stringent demands for ‘outdoorsy types.’ True love conquers all, but it comes from a place of respect, not a checklist or energy-sucking needs. ” If ‘working out for me’ or success means married with children for some, then I’m afraid we see things differently. My discernment gave me a thousand warning signs of such relationships, yet I was a flexible girl who allowed men to walk all over her along with a barrage of criticism and dishonesty whilst I justified their pot habits. Am I really liking the risk of waiting for true love, with the loaded barrel of a gun in a lethal game of Russian Roulette? And just like settling for relationships that don’t really fulfill my heart’s desire, or match my character, I (metaphorically) could die.My brain hurts from some of the hopeless banter I hear, “Good luck finding all of those things… Marriage and children are gifts, not accomplishments.Success for me is making powerful choices for the sake of my own heart, for my future children.

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I can’t tell you how many people I counsel who are going through a divorce who share under whispered tones, “It didn’t feel right on the wedding day.”Thanks to generational self-indulgence, the urge for emotional quick-fixes instead of long term aims are proving more of a problem. And unlike the hard work we put into our education or the steady climb up the proverbial career ladder, we don’t seem to feel the same when it comes to waiting for true love.

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  1. On most dating sites, there are thousands of men signed up. What happens if, out of nowhere, a bright purple cow stumbles into the field? When you leave the field, the purple cow will be the one you remember.