Linq to sql updating

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Linq to sql updating

Of course, if you're using Entity Framework for an online, transaction-based application where you're manipulating a couple of dozen rows at a time, the batch update problem isn't an issue.

And, as I've pointed out in a previous column, you can avoid that first trip at the cost of writing some additional code. E addresses both the "delete/update without retrieval" and the "batch update" problem. E is that it really just extends what you'd do normally. This code, for example, deletes all the Customers whose first name is Peter: If you prefer to use the LINQ "SQL-like" syntax, just call the Delete method from your LINQ statement (just as you would if you were using First or Distinct).

Following is the syntax of using LINQ to Insert operation query in c#, to insert data in database.

C# Code Before we start implement LINQ to SQL Insert update and delete operations first we need to create a database with required tables and map those tables to LINQ to SQL file (.dbml) if you don't know the process don't worry check this link create and map database tables to LINQ to SQL file (.dbml).

You pass, as usual, a lambda expression that returns true for any row that you want to select. This code, using the LINQ SQL-like syntax does the same thing as my previous example: In both of these examples there's no need to retrieve the relevant Customer objects first.

Once we submit our changes the LINQ to SQL will translate our LINQ actions to SQL and submit our changes to database.

Following are the syntax of insert or update or delete operations using in LINQ to SQL.

This is how we can use LINQ to SQL to perform insert, update, delete and select operations in c#,

As I've said on numerous occasions (and summed up here), speeding up business applications comes down to reducing the number of trips to the database and optimizing your server-side data access once you're there.

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I ran into an interesting issue with LINQ to SQL yesterday. As I expected, LINQ to SQL wasn’t too happy with this scenario.

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