Keanu reeves and diane keaton dating suriname dating gratis

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Keanu reeves and diane keaton dating

The plot involves Harry Sanborn (Jack Nicholson), a notorious bachelor with a love for younger women, who in spite of himself, falls in love with the more age-appropriate Erica Barry (Diane Keaton).Erica is a divorced well-known playwright who also happens to be the mother of Harry’s current girlfriend Marin (Amanda Peet). I think I'm a sister to all the rest of the women -- and I'm sure men as well -- who have had some kind of eating disorder, and I'm a part of the team. Now, I'm aware that it's a great movie, but my participation in it -- with my little tiny head and that big fat wig -- I just think, "Who is that little tiny-headed person?

Before he ever meets Erica in person he falls in love with her via her plays and writing.

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That was a miracle -- the sweetest thing anyone's ever done. No, I don't look at any of my movies unless I have to.

We landed and he kissed me goodbye and took the next plane back to L. Also, Jack Nicholson gave you a percentage of his back-end deal.

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