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He or she will be in a time out space while the dogs are inside and placed back into the group when they go outside every hour.

When dogs in the group need to go into “time out” they are placed in either a suite, a smaller playroom or a crate.

Eat your heart out Robocop, there’s a new technologized police on the street–one with an extra set of legs.

Recently, cameras and audio devices have been utilized to remotely command and control police K-9 units.

referencing criminal travel patterns with police intelligence data.

According to the ACLU, the use of ALPR is almost ubiquitous.

Also available, is a command kit which allows controlling officers to deliver orders through a vest fitted with nodes that deliver commands via varying vibrations.El tristemente célebre soldado Steven Green, acusado de matar a una niña de 14 años en Irak y posteriormente a toda su familia, ha sido también acusado de haber quemado vivo a un cachorro de perro por diversión.But as riveting as TV crime drama tech often is, the reality of police gadgetry is often even more spectacular.If price is any indication, Tru Narc technology likely hasn’t found its way into the hands of your local police department as of yet. ALPR technology like 3M enables officers to automatically scan the license plates of both moving and stationary vehicles while instantaneously cross referencing said plates against a comprehensive database.3M also states that ALPR can be used for “data mining efforts,” i.e.


Police are using these handheld chemical analyzers to help properly identify narcotics quickly and efficiently in the field (as opposed to the traditional and cumbersome method of lab analysis).