Jesus dating secrets who is aimee mann dating

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Jesus dating secrets

We have uncovered an ancient writing that is encrypted with a hidden meaning.

In the process of decoding it, we’ll take you on a journey into the world of this mysterious text.

Before anyone gets his/her theological back up, keep in mind that we are not attacking anyone’s theology. Theology must follow historical fact and not the other way around.

Having said this, for the moment, we are not asserting that our text is historical fact.

There is now written evidence that Jesus was married to Mary the Magdalene, and that they had children together.

And yet we keep on keeping Christmas because of the custom.

This custom can be traced to the pagan Roman holiday named Saturnalia, and from sun worship, since Christmas comes just after the winter solstice, when the sun is being "born again." The days get shorter and shorter as December progresses, until they are shortest about Decemember 21. He was born at a time when shepherds would be out with their flocks at night, which is not in December, even in Palestine.

In Christian theology it's the scenes of Jesus' death and resurrection that carry important meaning; the death is commemorated by the communion service and the resurrection is a daily reminder that we must walk in newness of life.

The birth of Christ is not made central in the theology of Paul, Peter, and especially John.

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But now we have a document that claims that he was indeed married and fathered children.

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